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Hosted by Kristiane Charrier on a mix of solo episodes and interviews with inspiring guest experts.

Holistic Personal Branding

Build a holistic personal brand –  Content creation strategy – 

Soul Business Alignment

Creating a signature offer – Multi-passionate Business – 

The Inner Outer You Podcast
Creativity + Spirituality

– Journaling to find clarity           – The power of surrendering

Soulful Branding + Styling

– Branding your inner essence  – Styling your inner essence 


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Love your energy and passion! I could listen to Kristiane all day! She's so passionate about her message and so delightful! I've already walked away with such inspiration from her wisdom and encouragement!


I am inspired! Can’t wait for your next episode. Your subject is exactly what I need and I LOVE how you communicate and deliver your message. Thank you, Kristiane!


Holistic personal branding, yes please! Kristiane’s approach and teaching of holistic personal branding is game changing. Combined with an encouraging and uplifting mindset, this podcast is the whole package! ❤️


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Love it! Love listening to Kristiane, she’s a dose of motivation and positivity Can’t wait for more!

– Lilly2087

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I'm your host, kristiane 🙋🏽‍♀️

Having moved several times, I had a hard time developing my business in a consistent way, without having to start all over again each time I moved to a different country. Until I realized that personal branding was the key to my success as an entrepreneur.

Before buying your products, services, or offer, people should like you (or not 🤪) first. They don’t buy the product, they buy the person behind it. Everything starts with you. And to fully express your authenticity, it’s important to align your outer expression to your inner essence.

I created The Inner Outer You Podcast, to support you on your path to becoming a Holistic Personal Brand. And since February 2021, I’ve been publishing a weekly episode on Mondays to bring you new perspectives, actionable tips, and inspiration to becoming your best possible version inside and out.

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Let’s get you started… Here’s my personal selection for you, simply follow this order to have a quick overview of the podcast.

In this episode, I tell you who I am, and why I created this podcast. Listen to this episode here.

In this episode, I explain the difference between what I call Holistic Personal Branding and Personal Branding. I bring you a new perspective on that topic, hoping you’ll open your heart to receive this message, start building your Holistic Personal Brand and play your role in the movie of life. Listen to this episode here.

In this episode I’m talking about content creation, and I give you 5 reasons why you should KEEP creating content, or START creating content for your personal brand if you’re not. Listen to this episode here.

In this episode, I’m sharing with you one of the most efficient and fast ways to build your personal brand. Listen to this episode here.

In this episode, I’m sharing with you 10 things I wish I had done when I started my business, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes and can get there faster than me. Listen to this episode here.

This is just what I needed Thanks Kristiane for sharing your passion. I am always looking to up level myself and my business and this is just what I needed!

– KathyHart

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