Inner Outer Brand™ Accelerator

Co-Creating a brand that fits your lifestyle & life purpose

Working hand in hand with you according to your needs to create your brand & business, from the inside out.

You know you could do more than what you're already doing, but you're tired of trying to figure it out alone,

and you would like to take advantage of this digital opportunity to have a bigger impact in the world

You've thought about doing it at your own pace

But you don’t know where to start and procrastination has taken advantage of it to make you postpone indefinitely.🫣

You've tought about hiring a coach to help

But it’s hard to find someone who shares the same holistic vision, linking business strategy to life purpose ☯️

You want to impact while remaining your trueself

You want to build your brand and your business on your own terms while optimizing every effort you make👌🏽


You want to enjoy the whole experience, while pushing your limits to uncover the hidden gems within you

What if you could find a helper that opens up a world of opportunity with innovative ideas and strategies?

Here's the deal with joining The Inner Outer Brand™ Accelerator...

You gain a second creative brain in your project

You are no longer alone on your project, we come together, and I’ll put my brain and my different skills at your service. 🧠

You get to use the latest business strategies

You get access to a vast array of business strategies that I’ve learned through my experiences & travels around the world 🌏

Every detail of your project is tailored to your needs

No more trials to get into a box, everything is made to fit your personality, your goals, and your purpose. 🎯

...and that's where the Inner Outer Brand™ Accelerator comes in!

You create the business of your dreams on your own terms, aligned with your inner essence, with a dose of innovation and strategy that allows you to stand out from the mass by your originality, without sacrificing efficiency and effectiveness.


You will not be alone anymore, I will be by your side, one step at a time, and I will put all my knowledge and ideas at the entire disposal of your project. I will guide you, I will mentor you, I will coach you, and I will work with you to make your project a success.


The Inner Outer Brand™ Accelerator Process

Step #1: Request a Strategy Call

During this strategy call, we will discuss the details of your project, your vision, your goals, and what has been done or not. This way I can better assess whether or not I can help you reach those goals, and how it would be possible.

The strategy call costs $57 at the moment, but this amount is fully refunded if you join my accelerator or if I’m not able to help with your project.

The strategy call is actually two calls (one to talk about your project, and the second for me to present a tailored action plan for your project). It takes time and energy, hence the reason why it is charged, to filter serious people from jokers.

IOB™ Incubator Blueprint
The Inner Outer Brand Incubator By Kristiane charrier

Step #2 : Action Plan Presentation

After the strategy call, in which I learn more about your particular situation, we have a second call in which I present my vision, strategy, and action plan for your project. I share with you what I think could be done, and how we could do that together. This is also when I tell you about your project’s investment and make a custom offer based on your project’s needs

Step #3 Your decision

You are absolutely FREE to make the best decision for your project!

✅ You say YES 👉🏽 You decide to trust and hire me as a partner for your project. Great!!! 🥳 Then, here are the next steps 👇🏽

1We take care of the details for the payment. I send you the contract and a link to pay according to the terms and means that suit you (credit card, PayPal, bank wire).

2 – We get your onboarding process done: Get you logged into our shared workspaces (google Docs, zoom, email, WhatsApp, as needed…)

3 – We start our collaboration in a good mood and motivation.

❌ You say NO: We don’t work together and we stop here without any hard feelings. ✨

IOB™ Incubator Blueprint

Through the accelerator, you can finally get the help you need to build a business that reflects you from the inside out, even starting from scratch, zero, nada!

You will build an impactful business with a winning strategy, a cohesive personal brand, and a compelling digital presence. I will be there to guide and support you every step of the way, and I will show you what you don’t know. And you’ll even be surprised at what you can achieve 😉

4 things The Inner Outer Brand™ Accelerator helps you do

I’ll be your happy guide from start to finish, and these are the things we’ll achieve 👇🏽

#1 Uncover what makes you unique

Everything inside you and around you has a purpose. Nothing is there without a reason. In the Inner Outer Brand™ Accelerator, I will help you discover how you can put your story, your experience, your knowledge, your strengths, and your talents at the service of people and of yourself.

Connecting the dots between your passions
Finding Your purpose, uncovering your calling

#2 Build a soul-aligned business

I will help you discover the gem within you and bring it out by designing an impactful business that reflects you from the inside out, from its essence to its visual and verbal expressions.

#3 Get your brand visible on the digital place

The days when your digital presence was an illusion are over. We’ll make your brand effectively visible online, developing a digital strategy that fits your personality, your goals, and your convenience.

Turn ALL your passions into a signature offer
Build, launch and scale your signature offer

#4 Set your brand & business for sucess

Talent only wins by combining strategy with an action plan. All of our work will be driven by a winning strategy and an action plan to execute it so that every effort is optimized for the best possible results.


It's time to own your freedom, and build the impactful dream you've been dreaming of 👇🏽

The inner Outer Brand Incubator By Kristiane Charrier- Testimony

Here's everything that is included

Private Video Calls

12 to 15 calls (usually spread out once a week) just you and me, depending on the project needs. 

LIVE Training

Personalized training on the use of software, tools, and the application of various processes.

Shared workspaces

Shared spaces where we get things done and keep track on our progress along the way.

Templates, Tutorials

Templates, scripts, and tutorials to help you save time and focus on what matters the most

Feedback on your work

Feedback on your work so you can have an external eye on what you’re doing, and feel supported as you get things done

Exclusive support

I make myself available for you at every step of our project, so you can ask me any questions, and count on my support.

Come as you are (with too many ideas, or without any ideas) and walk away with...👇🏽

A Life-changing clarity and alignment with your highest calling as a human being

Everything inside you and around you has a purpose. Nothing is there without a reason. The Inner Outer Brand™ Accelerator helps you connect the dots between ALL your passions, talents, strengths, interests so that you can achieve a life-changing clarity by understanding the purpose behind your multipotentiality.

The inner Outer Brand Incubator By Kristiane Charrier- Finding clarity and uncover your calling as a human being
Turning All your passions into a signature offer

A holistic personal brand designed to serve your lifestyle and life purpose

Before being business owners/ entrepreneurs, we’re humans first. And as humans, we have a responsibility at 3 levels: The personal, the societal, and the human levels. The Inner Outer Brand™ Accelerator helps you build a Holistic Personal Brand in a way that serves your highest purpose as a human being while fitting your lifestyle.

A plug-and-play business that optimizes your potential and your profitability

In the Inner Outer Brand™ Accelerator, I help you structure your business from the ground up. Redesigning a cohesive offer suite around your talents, passions, and life experience, with a winning strategy that gets you moving up towards your goals without burning yourself out and/or under-using your capabilities in the process.

Turning All your passions into a signature offer, soul-business growth system
Creating a magnetic and memorable visual identity for your personal brand

A magnetic and memorable visual identity that expresses your inner soul essence

You’ll leave the Inner Outer Brand™ Accelerator with a visual identity that reflects your soul essence from the inside out so that you can visually communicate your authentic self, using your natural vibe to effortlessly attract your true tribe.

An effective digital strategy to efficiently establish your brand authority online

Successfully implementing your brand in the digital world is a smart game combining strategy and content. Having good content is one thing, but reinforcing that content with a powerful strategy is the most effective way to maximize your impact and results. And this is an essential part of my work signature.

Creating a winning content strategy for your personal brand
smart goals - goal setting

A profit plan to meet your financial goals and thrive with your holistic brand & business

Being clear on where you want to go is important, but having a plan is the most effective way to get there. In the IOB™ Accelerator, we’ll define your medium and long-term vision, as well as the different stages of development of your project, so that you know exactly where you are, and what the next step is until you reach your final goal. We’ll build your own personalized career and profit plan.

Kristiane Charrier Headshot

I'm your guide, kristiane 🙋🏽‍♀️

After struggling to pick one passion to focus on, I’ve decided to fully embrace my multipotentiality and focused on my unique set of passions instead (the more the merrier they say 😉) This is how I uncovered my highest calling as a human being and created a multi-faceted and interconnected soul business around my Personal Brand to serve the life of my dreams. Getting paid to do what I love while making an impact on my people’s lives is my favorite adventure (even if sometimes it’s a roller coaster of emotions 🤪 I would change it for nothing!).

In The Inner Outer Brand™ Incubator, I take you through my own steps to turn ALL your passions, talents, strengths, and interests into a holistic signature offer, so you can stop trying to focus on one passion, and start getting paid for doing not one but ALL the things you love, without feeling all over the place, while working towards your life calling as a human being. It took me 3 years to be where I am today 👉🏽  I’ll get you there in 6 months.

The inner Outer Brand Incubator By Kristiane Charrier- Testimony

You don't need to pick one passion, You can combine ALL your passions into ONE group, and focus on your unique group of passions 👉🏽 That's where your sweet spot is...

Innovation is the intersection of many different ideas. It’s only by combining your multiple passions that you’ll find what is UNIQUE to you, and from there it’ll become easier to stand out from the crowded marketplace we’re in. Wondering how? I show you 👇🏽

What you do in The Inner Outer Brand™ Incubator 👇🏽


Clarify and connect

Clarify and connect the dots between your passions, talents, strengths, and interests.


Uncover your calling

Understand the highest purpose as a human behind, and behind your multipotentiality. 


Build your framework

Use your experience, and knowledge to create your signature framework to serve your tribe.


Design and launch

Design and launch your signature offer to the world, and start impact lives around.

Program Features

To make this learning easy and fun, here are some of the features you’ll get access to…

Video Training

Videos Training for each stage of the program

Mobile Access

Access the platform from your mobile phone

Journaling Prompts

To activate and find the right answers

Exclusive Methods

Signature methods and processes

Office hours

Group coaching calls/ Office hours to support

Feedback on your work

My personal feedback on your work

Workbooks & guides

Support material to help your implementation

Templates & Tutorials

To save time and focus on what matters the most

Private Community

To meet and support your fellow incubated brands


Nope. But you must be looking to build one or start an independent activity/business around your personal brand (YOU). This program isn’t for you if you’re looking to stay/enter the corporate world. 

Definitely yes! I’ll show you everything you need to know to create, launch, deliver, and scale your signature offer. I’ll be in this with you from start to finish! Let’s DO this!!! 🔥

Pricing are evolving as the program improve.

👉🏽 Right now – October 20215 spots are available at $1497 (paid in full) for the six months or $297/m x 6 if you go with the 6-pay payment plan.

👉🏽 But when these spots get sold out, pricing will go up to $1997 (paid in full) or $397 x 6 (6-pay payment plan)

Request the program blueprint to know what pricing is available now.

It’s a hybrid signature program. In The IOB™ Incubator, I combine 👉🏽 Video lessons + Group coaching calls/ office hours + Templates, scripts, tutorials + Reading/Done for you services.

The IOB™ Incubator is not just a program, it’s a life-changing EXPERIENCE 💕

This is for you if you...

Are a committed multi-passionate and/or empath

Don't want to fit into a box but create your own terms

Enjoy standing out from the crowd and do differently

Want to build a soul-aligned business

Definitely not for you if...

You’re not ready to take action. And/or looking for some type of easy get-rich-now solution. This is not about making fast money, It’s about creating a soul-aligned signature offer around your passions, and generate revenue while impacting lives.

Does this resonate in you? If yes 👇🏽


Let’s see where you are at, and how I can help you to reach your next step