Turn ALL your passions into a signature offer

I passionately help you turn ALL your passions into a soul-aligned, profitable signature offer around your life calling, and build an impactful Personal Brand from the inside out. ✨

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I help soul-driven multi-passionates and empaths like you, build impactful personal brands around ALL their passions, and be memorable from the inside out ✨


I'm Kristiane,

A Holistic Personal Branding Strategist, and I  like to say that I’m a Holistic Personal Branding Artist because what I really do is a balanced mix of Art and Science.

I’m obsessed with helping soul-driven multi-passionates, and empaths like you, connect the dots between your multiple passions, talents, interests, and strengths, to build a soul-aligned business, and a memorable brand from the inside out. So you can make a real impact in people’s lives while doing what you love, and getting paid for working on purpose.

Kristiane Charrier| Holistic Personal Branding Strategist

After trials and failure (lessons 😉) to fit into a box, I’ve decided to fully embrace my multipotentiality and my empathy. That’s how I realized this was actually the best opportunity I had to build the freedom-based and soul-aligned business I’ve always dreamed of while remaining unapologetically authentic to who I am.

And I’m here to help you do the same 😍

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I worked with Kristiane on a project to discover my true passion, my purpose. This came at the right time as I had decided to take a break from social media. I felt drained of energy, trying to do all these things in a way that did not feel right. Kristiane has a true gift, no, she is a gift. She asked powerful questions to draw out what I truly wanted to do and how. She inspired and supported me and all the participants with clear feedback. With action steps. That's not something you get anywhere else. Yes, I figured a few things by myself but Kristiane helped me connect everything in a way that felt true to who I really am. I am deeply grateful! The work we did together brought joy and freedom to my life and business.

– Tincuta Nitu, Done-For-You Digital Content Creator, Published Author. Multi-Passionate  Entrepreneur, based in Germany.

Enter my Holistic Personal Branding Bubble

What can I help you bring from the inner to the outer – With a bubbly, I-can’t-believe-I-had-all-this-in-me! 🤩


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The Inner Outer Brand™ Incubator


A 6-Month Intensive Program, where I help you turn ALL your passions, talents, strengths, and interests, into a soul-aligned, profitable Signature Offer. And help you build an impactful Personal Brand from the inside out, so you can serve your people at your FULL Potential while fulfilling your calling as a human being.

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Capsule Confidence Club

A monthly subscription helping you improve your branding and styling skills to align your inner and outer messaging, and build a consistent cohesive personal brand on the digital space. So you can organically attract your true tribe and establish your authority in your industry.

Capsule Wardrobe Workshop

An on-demand workshop on how to create an intentional capsule wardrobe for your personal brand, and generate over 60 outfit ideas from just 20 pieces of clothing. So you can use what you've already got to confidently own your style narrative and embody your personal brand.

Quick overview on what's different between these offers👇🏽

Work With Me - Kristiane Charrier


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creativity as a spiritual practice, life purpose, and soulful womanhood

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Great Focus! I love how Kristiane deals with the importance of finding out who we are and showing that to the world. We can’t authentically show up unless we know what our purpose is and have confidence in sharing it. Plus her voice is lovely!

– Emma, Podcast Listener


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